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Tim Sika- affable Host and Producer


Tim Sika


Tim Sika, the host, writer and producer of Celluloid Dreams has conducted in-depth interviews with hundreds of people involved in every aspect of filmmaking since the show's inception in 1996.  His film writing has appeared in festival catalogs and international publications.  He was co-host of the Cable Ace-nominated TV program The Reel Review and he is also director of the Camera Cinema Club. His background  includes acting, directing, and technical theatrical experience as well as film work and teaching.  Tim is in frequent demand as moderator for Q and A sessions at Bay Area film screenings. He is President of the San Francisco Film Critics Circle, and his DVD and movie reviews can be heard on KGO Radio/ABC, San Francisco (Ronn Owens Program).

E-mail: tim@celluloiddreams.net

Peter Canavese- mildly excited critic

Peter Canavese


Peter Canavese, chief film critic for Celluloid Dreams, teaches English at Bellarmine College Prep School.  His film reviews appeared in the San Jose Mercury News from 1991 until 1994.  His movie reviews also appear on Rotten Tomatoes.com.  In addition, Peter is the film critic for the monthly magazine, Out Now! and he is the founder of GrouchoReviews.com, which features his interviews as well as his film reviews.  His background includes extensive acting and directing theatrical experience and he is one of the founding members of The Renegade Theatre Experiment.

E-mail: peter@celluloiddreams.net

Dennis Kwiatkowski- special features


Dennis Kwiatkowski


Dennis has contributed his unique special-feature programs for Celluloid Dreams since the show’s inception.  An accomplished instructor and writer, his articles on metaphysics and mysticism have been published internationally and he has lectured throughout the U.S., Canada, Africa and the U.K.  One of his articles, ‘Stanley Kubrick’s Mystical Vision’ (published shortly after the director’s death) is a tribute to Kubrick’s film 2001: A Space Odyssey, the original viewing of which inspired Dennis’ lifelong interest in film-as-art, metaphysics, and film history.  Dennis was also co-host of the local TV interview program Ockham’s Razor and has written articles for the Camera Cinemas Website as well as DVD, film and soundtrack reviews for Celluloid Dreams.

E-mail: dennis@celluloiddreams.net

Larry Jakubecz- putting it together


Larry Jakubecz


Larry was the creator and host of PrimeAudio Soup, a radio program highlighting sci-fi, fantasy and popular culture, which ran from 1991-2000.  Larry is co-producer, engineer and sound designer for Celluloid Dreams and contributes interviews and film and DVD reviews.  He has also worked as a versatile voice-over talent and he is an award-winning Bay Area commercial display artist, specializing in movie art.  His background includes audio-technical work and theatrical set design.  Larry can also be seen monthly at Camera Cinema Club events stumping audiences with his entertaining warm-up movie quizzes.

E-mail: larry@celluloiddreams.net

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